Non-fungible token.

That doesn’t make it any clearer.

“Non-Fungible” roughly means something that is unique, and which can’t be replaced with anything else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible – trade a bitcoin for another bitcoin, and you’d have the exact same thing. A one-of-a-kind NFT trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you were to trade it for a different card, you’d end up with something completely different. There is no one card alike.

Anything digital could be an NFT. Drawings, music, a text, whatever. The excitement lies in using the technology to sell digital art.

NFTs are designed to give the holder something that can’t be replicated, namely ownership of the work. So, whereas a digital file of art or anything else can be copied as many times as anyone likes, its ownership cannot.

Just as with physical artwork, the artist still retains copyright and reproduction rights. But only one person can actually own the original. The parallel with the physical world is that anyone can buy a Van Gogh print, but only one person can own the original.

Yes. A lot of marketplaces accept Sol (Solana), or Ethereum. Technically, though, anyone can sell an NFT, and they can ask for whatever currency they want. You just need a wallet. In our case, you’d need to use phantom (https://phantom.app/) and you’d need to use a Google Chrome browser (https://www.google.com/intl/de_at/chrome/).

P.S. Check out the YouTube video below; it’ll help to get you set up.


United Aliens is an NFT project of uniquely designed NFT Aliens created from over 1,300 Layers on the Solana blockchain with a first Mint of 3,333 at a price of 0,5 SOL due to Mint on Tuesday, November 2 @ 6PM UTC. The project is being undertaken in conjunction with Magic Eden, who have invited United Aliens to be the first NFT project – ever - to benefit from their new Minting technology. The NFT will be released across three waves, and we will use a majority of the royalties to buy and burn Aliens, allowing holders to create their own personalized Alien in our upcoming Generation 2 series. As an engaging, not-just-for-profit NFT, we will integrate holders into our common DAO by expanding the United Aliens universe, and therefore also its community, via animated series, merchandising, and real-world promotion to underwrite the United Aliens project as one built to last for the long run.

Minting starts on October 24th directly on our website.

The starting price will be 2 SOL for public sale and 1,5 SOL for Whitelisters (make sure you have bought enough SOL on beforehand – click: “how to buy” step by step instructions).

You are also more than welcome to join our Discord Channel and ask one of our admins directly. They enjoy taking care of you!


The phantom wallet gives you the option to see your NFT directly, or you can connect your wallet to https://solanart.io

Minting is defined as “the computer process of validating information, creating a new block and recording that information into the blockchain”. The pages that are created are blocks in the blockchain. To keep the blockchain running smoothly, only one block can be created at a time.

Or, to simplify things… Buying.

Yes. You need to make sure you have a SOLANA WALLET, such as phantom, and some SOL ready. You can buy SOL from Binance or directly with your credit card through https://buy.moonpay.io/

Gen 2 - Anomaly Aliens/ Engineered Aliens -

A Unique Alien is an alien that people can create together with our Designer Team by burning 10 Alien.

By burning 10 you will receive a NFT Ticket and a spot on the list for the Unique Alien.

you are able to sell the Ticket on the Secondary market or wait until it's your turn to create your personal Alien

The Unique one will not only be a personal one and unique to the holder and the community (which properly means you will never sell it) , but it also gets a speaking role in our Series and owners will be paid for their use in our episodes, merchandise, games ..... an so on!

If you use your phantom wallet, yes, but we would still advise you to be on your computer for a safer transaction.

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